Today’s smart gadgets have the ability to sense in almost every way that we do – sight, speech, sound, and even touch – but still can’t understand the myriad chemicals that make up our world.  Unlocking this fifth sense holds enormous practical applications, yet no one has succeeded in achieving its potential.

The problem is that chemical sensors are impacted by cross-sensitivity to the multitude of background chemicals in real-world environments, causing them either to fail or to give false alarms.  Unfortunately, any new technologies that have attempted to address this issue have been expensive and impractical.


Stratuscent’s solution is different. We’ve leveraged pioneering advances in:

Cloud-Based Deep Learning

Inexpensive, cloud-based, on-demand computational and storage nodes that meet our deep learning computational demands

IoT Connectivity

The proliferation of IoT connected devices that enable seamless integration between our sensors and our cloud-based analytics engine

Scalable Additive Printing

Scalable additive printing techniques that permit volume manufacturing of our low cost sensors


AI-Driven Chemical Sensor

By combining NASA-patented nanocomposite sensing technology with Stratuscent’s proprietary machine learning algorithms, our AI-driven CUMULUS sensor does what no other chemical sensor can: accurately identify – in real-time – an unlimited number of chemicals in real-world environments.

Because of this, our solution is orders of magnitude smaller, cheaper, and more energy efficient than what is available on the market today. It is a game-changer technology that continually evolves and improves with use, and will allow chemical sensors to become as ubiquitous as camera sensors are today.


With an addressable annual market of over $4B, Stratuscent is positioned for sustained growth.

Smart Homes & Buildings

Providing actionable information on air quality for indoor environments

Mobile Applications

Monitoring our personal environment for hazardous gases using sensors
integrated into our smartphones

Food & Nutrition

Monitor food quality and detect contamination.


Vehicle cabin air quality and exhaust monitoring to ensure the comfort
and safety of passengers


Smart chemical sensing solutions for industries where processes convert raw materials into products such as, chemicals, plastics, paper, cement, etc..

Oil & Gas

Monitoring and quantifying gaseous by-products produced by the oil & gas industry

Medical Diagnostics

Measuring chemical biomarkers present in human breath to assist in medical diagnosis

Smart Appliances

Detecting food spoilage and contamination by integrating into smart refrigerators


Monitoring industrial emissions and hazardous gases in outdoor environment


Companies across several industries are using Stratuscent’s technology to develop practical solutions to everyday problems.

Indoor Air Quality


We spend 87% of our time indoors. Along with industry partners, we are providing smart air quality monitoring solutions that can detect harmful VOCs that permeate our homes and offices.


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Monitoring acetone levels can provide insight into fat metabolism during ketosis. Our non-invasive sensors can accurately detect breath acetone levels to monitor daily fat burn rates.


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Medical Diagnostics


The human volatilome can provide insight into our health.  Our sensors can detect breath-based VOCs that are biomarkers for diseases such as diabetes, lung & colon cancer, asthma, and COPD.


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Food Safety


Food spoilage releases VOCs that our sensors can detect. In partnership with industry leaders, we’re integrating our sensors into smart appliances to monitor food safety and detect contamination.


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Would you like to join a startup where the power of novel AI algorithms, material innovations and robust additive manufacturing technologies are being used to create game-changing products?

Checkout the job openings we have below:


Colloidal Chemist

Oct 2017

Location: Montreal, Canada

Deadline: Posting open until suitable candidate found

As colloidal chemist in a visionary chemical sensor start-up, your position will involve tasks that are operational and strategic in nature.  


  • You will design and test colloid formulation for a new generation of chemical sensor platform which includes sensor and electronics system design.
  • You will plan and drive R & D activities associated with new technologies that are aligned with the company’s product line.
  • You will contribute innovative ideas and generate opportunities for the company’s intellectual property portfolio.
  • You will participate proactively with cross-functional teams on process and product improvement.
  • You will conduct laboratory experiments in the fields of particle dispersion, materials science, polymer science and thin film coatings
  • You will construct device prototypes and technology demonstrations integrating chemical, mechanical, and electrical systems
  • You will search and analyze technical literature and patents
  • You will design, prepare, and test product concepts for new and improved formulations that deliver differentiated product performance in a cost-effective manner.
  • You will participate in innovation activities around new molecules, new applications, new technologies, etc. which may lead to expanded growth and opportunities in the longer term.
  • You will prepare technical reports, formulation guides for application, document experiments in a laboratory notebook and submit written reports upon project completion. 


Qualifications / Requirements:

  • An advanced degree in chemistry, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, materials science, physics or other related science or engineering field or 5+ years of industrial experience in a scientific or engineering discipline
  • B.S. degree in Chemistry, Formulation Science, Colloid and Surface Science, Polymer Science, or related field required; M.S. degree preferred
  • Experience with interface and colloid science, microfluidics, polymer science or electronic materials
  • Demonstrated formulation expertise in suspension concentrates, flowable liquids, emulsion concentrates, oil dispersions, etc.
  • Experience in selection and evaluation of surfactants, solvents, emulsifiers, dispersants, etc. required
  • Safe lab practices and record keeping experience are essential
  • Aqueous surfactants, colloids and interfacial science for product formulation
  • Proficient in searching technical literature and patents
  • Excellent communication skills including giving oral presentations and written technical reports
  • Team player able to effectively accomplish shared goals
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Experience working/coordinating with academic and/or other industry partners.
  • Strong organizational, multitasking and prioritization abilities with excellent attention to detail.
  • Ability to work independently and drive projects to completion in a timely manner required
  • Ability to work effectively in a team in a cross functional environment


About Stratuscent:

Stratuscent is a vertical AI startup from Montreal that is building a chemical sensing platform which seamlessly integrates the power of novel AI algorithms, material innovations and robust additive manufacturing technologies. Stratuscent’s AI driven chemical sensor can identify and quantify the ubiquitous mix of chemicals that make up our environment.

Please send your resume and cover letter to info@stratuscent.com


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