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Applications for Stratuscent’s break-through scent identification technology ranges from the food and agriculture industry, to smart home & appliances, as well as indoor and outdoor air quality control.

Food & Agriculture Industry

Identify and catalog complex scents in your production environment, allowing you to make decisions based on chemical sensing and quantification. Additionally, use real-time scent identification data to accelerate the decision-making process.

Smart Appliances

Our sensors are fully adaptable to temperature and humidity changes, allowing the integration of our patented “electronic nose” into a smart cooktop or refrigerator. It can then identify stages in the cooking process and sniff out aging and spoiling food in your refrigerator.

Air Quality Control

Gain unparalleled control of the air quality in your home, office and even outdoors. With Stratuscent’s innovative scent detection technology, you can breathe easier no matter where you are.

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