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Our innovative scent detection technology identifies complex, everyday aromas. This data is sent to our Microsoft Azure cloud, where our AI algorithms translate it into a chemical SCENTPRINT, that can be used to map and identify specific variables.

Stratuscent at a glance

Stratuscent’s award‐winning technology detects, identifies, analyzes and classifies scents in real‐time and with great accuracy. Its patented sensor array and cloud‐enabled artificial intelligence (AI) engine work in tandem, delivering real‐time analytics and reporting.


A gateway to the first library of everyday scents

At the frontline of innovation, Stratuscent is developing the first library of everyday scents, delivering real-time actionable data to improve resource management and overall business outcomes.

Stratuscent’s proprietary solution – which is based on NASA patents – is the FIRST EVER AI-driven, small form factor, cloud-connected, real-time, software upgradeable, and low-cost eNose in the market.



Transformational &
Bio-Inspired Technology

Stratuscent’s pioneering eNose detects, identifies, digitizes, quantifies, and catalogs an unlimited number of simple and complex scents with ONE SINGLE SENSOR.

Inspired by the functionality of the human nose, the AI-enabled eNose embraces the cross-sensitivity of its array of chemical receptors.



Unparalleled Accuracy & Robustness

Our breakthrough scent digitization & detection technology leverages AI to deliver robustness in the real‐world and self-calibrates for temperature, humidity, background scents, aging, and sensor variation.

It can detect individual chemicals, chemical mixtures & complex everyday scents with great accuracy.



Secure & Dynamic Operation

Stratuscent’s SCENTPRINTS are available IN REAL-TIME via our AI-enabled cloud, for fast decision making.

Our hardware can be easily upgraded and serviced remotely to expand its scent database and field of application.

We take data security very seriously to protect our customer’s data.

We can easily integrate scent data easily with our customer’s internal systems through our APIs.



The applications for Startuscent’s groundbreaking technology are vast. Our solutions can be deployed in a number of verticals.

In the Food and Agriculture industry, Stratuscent’s solutions provide first‐hand insights to increase yields and productivity, to assess quality control processing, to prevent spoilage and to gauge freshness.

In IoT, our cloud‐based “electronic nose” leverages the power of AI to make our home and work environments safer and more efficient by monitoring air quality and feeding information to smart appliances.

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